We are excited to see restrictions lifted, but we all must understand that precautions are still warranted. We must all do our part to continute to reduce the risk of spreading this novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), the new variants, and the potentially deadly COVID-19 disease that it can cause. This is especially important to help our friends and family who may have weakened immune systems. As such, while the virus is still active and vaccination rates are down, we are still following recommended best practices for the service industry.

The information below will help you understand how we’re operating, what we expect of you, and what we’re doing. This page will be updated as our practices and protocols change in alignment with the various guidance.

Starting July 1, 2021, we have REMOVED THE $5.00 COVID-19 SURCHARGE from all service tickets because government guidelines have been significantly relaxed as of that date. If required guidelines are reinstituted by the govenment, we may have to bring it back because the additional guidelines consume additional time and money.

We no longer require facemasks in the salon due to the relaxed guidelines that have been announced. We do still practice many of the safety guidelines to help reduce risk and we are still sanitizing regularly. We also try to accomodate requests from people with increased risks. If the risk factors change, we will revisit this policy.

Operating With Additional Protocols

We always operate in compliance with Anne Arundel County’s Road to Recovery which is in alignment with Maryland’s Roadmap To Recovery.

At this point, there are no additional government restrictions in place. However, we are still implementing additional protocols to help reduce risk for our staff and our clients. We are doing our best to schedule appointments with plenty of time to account for our sanitary protocols, but please be understanding if we have some occasional hiccups. We want everyone to have an amazing experience, but we will not cut corners when it comes to following our sanitary requirements.

Please read the items below for more details, but our protocols are similar to most indoor establishments that require service providers to be in close proximity to their clients.

Stay safe!  See you soon!!


DO NOT BRING EXTRA VISITORS – While limits are being lifted, we still prefer to perform additional cleaning and disinfecting between all visitor touch points.

NO WAITING AREA OR LINGERING – To help reduce the risk of transmission, the county guidelines specifically prohibit the use of our waiting area and also prohibit lingering.

NO COLD OR FLU SYMPTOMS – Please call to cancel well in advance if you have any cold or flu symptoms. DO NOT come into the salon with any symptoms because service will be refused.

APPOINTMENTS PREFERRED – Call in advance because appointments are preferred and we still want to limit the occupancy of visitors in the salon.

FACE COVERINGS OPTIONAL – We no longer require clients to wear face coverings but we can work with those who prefer it.

MAINTAIN SAFE DISTANCE – You must help us maintain 6 feet distance (4 salon tiles) when possible to do so.

DISINFECTING HANDS – During active outbreaks or spikes, you must use hand sanitizer or wash hands for 20 seconds after check-in to help reduce risk of transmission.

BE UNDERSTANDING – We’re all dealing with a lot of change and doing our best to provide excellent services despite the circumstances.


LIMITING CLIENT TOUCH POINTS – We still try to keep client touch points to a minimum. Our credit card terminal supports no touch options like Google Pay and Apple Pay.

USE OF PPE AND ANTIMICROBIALS – Staff is no longer required to wear face coverings but we can work with those who prefer it. We also have plenty of hand sanitizer available throughout the salon and plenty of soap in the bathroom.

SINGLE USE OF WASHABLE ITEMS – We only use washable items once per client and then they are washed after use before being used on another client. Salon fabrics are washed. Salon implements are washed and disinfected.

DISINFECTION BETWEEN CLIENTS – We have several forms of special cleaning products and antimicrobial products that we will be using to disinfect all touch points after each client appointment (e.g., chairs, door handles, wash bowls, credit card reader).

ADDITIONAL SALON DISINFECTION – We perform additional cleaning periodically and every night. We also have an Ozone Generator that runs nightly to help disinfect our space more thoroughly every night.

ADDITIONAL TRAINING FOR STAFF – Our staff is all Barbicide Certified and we have been attending webinars as well as reading guidelines from the CDC and salon industry leaders.