Salon Background

Tough Love Salon was an upscale hair salon in Severna Park, Maryland. It was designed and owned by Lisa and Ray Cardillo and operated from July, 2018 through March, 2024.
Lisa enjoyed helping clients with their hair challenges and will miss everyone very much.

Difficult Decisions

Business was good when Lisa and Ray moved to Florida, but then COVID-19 hit, which disrupted all their plans. Lisa planned on commuting to Maryland monthly, but she ended up being the only stylist, and needed to commute weekly to keep the salon running. She flew between Florida and Maryland weekly for almost four years.
Recently, Ray and Lisa have both experienced some health problems and scares, and the travel was becoming especially difficult. Lisa needed to have a surgery that required 6-8 weeks of recovery, so they refocused their efforts to sell the salon. During her recovery, several sales inquiries came in, and one of them was qualified enough to release them from the lease.

Business Contact

For a short period of time, our email address will be monitored for any business matters that need to be wrapped up.


Hair By Lisa Cardillo

Lisa is now focused on rebuilding her book and making Central Florida beautiful, one client at a time. She's currently operating as Hair By Lisa Cardillo. She would love to hear from you if you plan to be in the area.

In the meantime, if you miss the fun conversations with her, or are curious what she's doing in other business pursuits, you should check out her new podcast (more info in the next section).


The podcast is hosted by Lisa and Ray and is called This Midlife Hustle. Lisa and Ray talk about business, life, and their pursuit of financial freedom in their midlife. If you don't have time for the podcast, at least subscribe to their YouTube channel to watch the Bloopers! They're hilarious.