We do things a little different than the rest because we want to make lifelong relationships and help stylists grow and support their professional career development path instead of just providing an hourly job.

Our unique compensation model allows us to pay 47% to 67% tiered commission in addition to retail commmission on every sale and great tips you’ll earn thanks to the premium location and excellent service experience we’re able to provide.

Read below to learn more about our philosophy, our benefits, and our compensation model.

You can also learn more about our team, review our jobs, or just give us a call if you have any other questions or want to arrange a visit.

Good Vibes

Let’s start with good vibes from our Instagram feed, because a picture is worth a thousand words! Take a look at some of the special team bonding moments we’ve shared below. We’re not always as active on social media as we would like to be, but when we are, you will see good vibes all around during our daily work in the salon, summer outings, educational events, community events, and more.

Team Philosophy

Our team philosophy is rooted in our “Straight Talk” core value. We always try to be open, honest, fair, and professional in everything we do in the salon, with our clients, and with our stylists. We encourage our clients and stylists to do the same with us.

More generally, believe it’s our job to create an environment that allows our stylists to thrive and provide excellent services to our clients. We want our stylists to stay focused on their artistry while earning a good living so they can enjoy coming to work without drama or stress. When hiring, we look for people who are good team players, have a positive attitude, and continue the good vibe we have going.

As you read through the following sections, we hope you’ll realize that we are doing something very special when compared to other salons in the area. If you consider all of the overhead costs, the premium features, and the unique brand, we don’t think anyone else compares.

Unique Benefits

Explore the benefits of our salon in the toggles below and you’ll see that we’re all about providing an environment for our stylists to thrive. Be sure to ask about similar benefits if you’re considering other salons, because all too often, you don’t find out about the fine print until after the fact.

Note that we are always looking for ways to expand our benefits and we hope to be able to provide benefits such as paid time off, a health care plan, and a maybe even a 401k plan at some point in the future as the business grows with our stylists. COVID-19 set us back from some of these goals, but we’re back on the path of a growth phase again.

We pay a tiered commission from 47% to 67% for services with an hourly wage as a backup (commission vs hourly). You will never work for free and you will earn more as you grow. See the compensation section for more details.

We pay a tiered commission from 10% to 24% on ALL retail sales. So the more you sell the more you earn. See the compensation section for more details.

We are in an area where clients TIP WELL for good services. More importantly, we DO NOT DEDUCT credit card fees or other fees from your tips!!

We want consistent quality so we buy premium salon equipment and use premium salon products. We provide all combs, hot tools, chemicals, etc. You don’t have to bring anything except your shears.

The industry is constantly changing so we always try to find time to keep learning and share what we know with others. We try to bring educators into the salon periodically and we try to attend shows or other training when possible as well.

We are a small salon and treat our team like an extension of our family. This means you’re not competing with a large team of seasoned veterans, and we can usually accomodate flexible hours as long as you’re consistently reliable with whatever we agree upon.

We use special high CRI salon lighting and white backgrounds so that the color you see in the salon is accurate outside of the salon. This is essential for colorists and blonding specialists.

Our salon flooring is made of special rubber backed vinyl that reduces foot, leg, and back pain when working long shifts. No cutting matts to trip over or keep clean.

Our salon chairs are stylish and comfortable, but more importantly, the electric bases reduce stylist fatigue and provide a better client experience. They are also great for short stylists because they go farther down than pump bases.

We have modern back wash sinks with a pass through backbar and EcoHeads showers. It’s an efficient layout for stylists and helps to provide a great wash experience.

Our color bar is setup to provide a more efficient work area for chemical services and has a unique storage solution, granite countertops, and an infrared heating unit that can be used for certain specialty services.

We use Meevo 2 (one of the best salon software programs available). Clients love the online booking portal and stylists love having access to advanced reports on their phone, etc.

Compensation Model

There are basically three components to our compensation model:

  1. Service Commission – We pay using a tiered service commission scale from 47% to 67% for all services performed, but we first subtract “shop costs” from each service (salon overhead costs needed to provide the service). This allows us to be more aggressive with how much commission we’re paying and is fair to both the salon and the stylist without making it complicated for clients. This is backed up by an hourly wage so you’re never working for free, but basically, if you are working on clients more than 50% of the time you’re working in the salon, you will be earning serice commission. The more you earn the more you make and more skilled services earn more per hour.
  2. Retail Commission – We pay using a tiered retail commission scale from 10% to 24% for all retail sales you make (no matter how small). The more you sell, the more you earn, and we both benefit. We don’t like “high pressure sales” tactics, but we do like to educate our clients on why they need to use our products to help maintain the look that they’re paying so much to acheive.
  3. Tips – We are in an area where clients tip well for good services (20% is fairly common – and more during holidays). Also, with rare exceptions (e.g., there is a story about a client giving a $10k tip on credit card) we do not take any deductions for credit card processing fees or the extra taxes that we have to pay on tips. Your FULL TIPS are in your paycheck.

This compensation system is setup to help you make more as you bring more into the salon. We spend a lot of money on various forms of advertising and promotions to bring people into the salon, but ultimately, your ability to make them happy and keep them happy (so they keep coming back) is what will help you grow. If you’re a veteran stylist, you’ll have no problem with this, but if you’re a new stylist, we will help you on this journey if you’re willing to put the work in.

Job Postings

These job postings are mostly placeholders because we’re always looking to connect with good people. We also try to keep an Indeed posting live and have job postings listed elsewhere. If you want to learn more about us, explore an opportunity, or visit the salon, please feel free to give us a call to arrange a visit.

Hair Stylist / Commission / Booth Rental
Severna Park, Full-time, Part-time, Chair Rental Negotiable
We pay 47% to 67% tiered commission backed up by hourly wages PLUS TIPS. We are seeking hair stylists of all levels that want build their career. Must have a great personality, good skills, and be a team player.